Feature Book :
                    the Postindustrial Alternative to 
                          Corporate Globalization

What is Green Economics?

York U. Faculty of Environmental Studies:

Perspectives on Green Business: Fall 2014 course NEW

Ecological Economics: Winter 2009 course


Ontario Institute for Studies in Education / University of Toronto (OISE/UT):

     Deconstructing Wall St. / Reconstructing Main St.: Transformative Finance for Community-based Economies (Summer 2012)


     Community Education for Environmental & Social Justice:

Green Work, Wealth & Community Development (Summer 2011)


Transformative Learning Centre, of OISE/UT:

THE GREEN ECONOMY Practical Strategies for Creating Community-based Eco-economies (Spring 2010)


Transformative Martial Arts: workshop series (summer 08)

Transformative Martial Arts Film Series (2009-2010)



Break Through to What? Green Economic Strategies and the Environmental Movement


Mindful Markets, Value Revolution and the Green Economy: EPR, Certification and the New Regulation

From Opposition to Alternatives: Postindustrial Potentials & Transformative Learning


Beyond Environmental Protection:  Ecological Alternatives and Education for a Green Revolution


Transformative Learning and the Tao of History: Spirituality in the Postindustrial Revolution

[2001 essay, recently reprinted]


Doctoral Dissertation:

Building Materials in a Green Economy:
Community-based Strategies for Dematerialization


Internal Martial Arts webpage

Tai Chi at Cecil Community Centre


The Art of Gilles Arseneault