Practical Strategies to Create Community-based Eco-economies


OISE-UT Transformative Learning Centre

Toronto's Premier Course on Green Economic Alternatives
30 Hours over 10 weeks, Fridays
 March 14 to May 16, 2008  6:30 to 9:30pm
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, U of Toronto, 252 Bloor St. W.

(directly above St. George subway stop)

Eighth Floor, Room 8- 214

The Green Economy is an overview of radical potentials for reorganizing the economy for social and ecological purposes, while at the same time showcasing exciting alternatives being built right now in the existing economy.

The premise of the course is that today's social, economic and environmental crises are not problems of management, but of design. A process of economic conversion is necessary to create economic structures which facilitate human self-development, social justice, community enrichment and ecological regeneration. Tinkering with the System will not do; and yet, the required changes can only emerge gradually and incrementally. How can really radical and qualitative change emerge organically? This course looks at the principles and practical strategies which can accomplish such a transformation. The focus of the course is on the range of practical economic alternatives being established in various sectors of the economy--from agriculture and the food system, to manufacturing, to urban planning & design, to alternative financial systems, and much more. The 30-hr. course features different expert guest speakers each week, showcasing the cutting-edge of grassroots green alternatives in Toronto.

Click Here for Detailed Schedule and Readings for 2008


The Green Economy is offered by the Transformative Learning Centre of OISE-UT.  The course, taught by Brian Milani, was originally provided 1992-2007 through the Labour Education Centre which recently closed down its Labour Studies program. The TLC is a community-based educational project based in the Adult Education Dept. of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. People are urged to keep abreast of TLC projects, events, conferences and courses, especially its Summer Institute, at the TLC website. 

Green Economy course sessions planned for spring 2008 are still being scheduled.  Topics will likely include:
* Principles of Green Economics
* Green Building & Urban Design
* Local-Sustainable Food Systems
* The Soft Energy Path
* Green Jobs for Social Justice
* Community Indicators of Real Wealth
* Network Economics, Wikinomics & the New Information Commons
* Sustainable Transportation
* Socially-Responsible Investment

Coordinator and main instructor of The Green Economy is Brian Milani, of the Coalition for a Green Economy, Green Enterprise Toronto, and York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies. He is the author of Designing the Green Economy: the postindustrial alternative to corporate globalization. See the detailed schedule for our expert guest speakers.

To Register:

… e-mail Brian Milani at < bmilani (at)  >


Course Prerequisites: none. The course is appropriate for those with much, or almost no, economic or ecological knowledge. No exams or required reading. All readings are available on the Schedule page, but hard copies can be made for those without internet access. Students are advised that doing the readings will make each presentation more enjoyable and interesting, even if they are not mandatory. Students are asked to fill out course evaluations at the end of the final session.

The format is as follows:
6:30 pm: introduction to the week’s topic: Brian Milani: 10 or 15 minutes
6:50: Guest speaker’s Presentation, part 1
8:00: (approximately class midpoint): coffee break
8:15: announcements
8:20: Guest speaker’s Presentation, part 2 & discussion
9:30 pm: class finishes

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