Transformative Martial Arts: Healing Ourselves and Healing the Planet.

M. Ann Phillips, PhD



Welcomes – Sensei Williams Hasu dojo, Roxanna Ng, TLC, Brian Milani, Transformative Martial Arts Course 

Muxco – traditional Japanese bow

Connecting with the Chi

Embrace the tree Exercises 

Focus: tune in to the energy, pay attention to your body and to all the thoughts in your head and sensations in your body.


Experiencing Chi and Breathe

Temple exercises: -- 

Tune in to the chi, pay attention to the breathe


Discussion during the temple exercises :

What is Healing? To restore to wholeness, to restore to health …

Chi – vital energy

Breathe – relationship between breathe and chi

Present Moment Awareness  -- focus on the now

Power --  to ability to do or act …


Mountain Chi Gung – chi gung/moving meditation focus on experiencing the chi and breathe together and staying in the present

Break  w green tea -  5 minutes


Wu Chi meditation -  standing meditation with focus on experiencing the chi and breathe together and staying in the present

Monk Walk Exercises – focus on experiencing your body power

Basic Punches

Partner punches with focus shields


Break – 5 minutes

Kicks  - basics

Partner Kicks with focus shield

Sitting Meditation

Iron shirt Chi gung Exercises

End of session


Take home Questions:

1)     Did you experience the chi or energy sensation?

2)     Were you able to tune in to your breathe?

3)      Were you able to stay present in the moment?

4)     What was your experience of your body’s power like?

5)     What is the relationship between healing, chi, breathe, present moment awareness and power?

6)     Which exercise or exercises do you plan to take home and practice?