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David Korten at York University:


The Great Turning:

From Empire to Earth Community



Tuesday, October 3, 2006, 7 pm

Health, Nursing & Environmental Studies (HNES) Building

Room 140

York University

Join David Korten, noted author of When Corporations Rule the World and The Post-Corporate World, for a special stop at York on the current book tour for his acclaimed new title, The Great Turning.  Featured in the documentary The Corporation, Korten is also a co-founder of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), the fastest growing ‘values-driven’ business network in North America. 


David will be welcomed by David Langille of Toronto’s Centre for Social Justice, and will give a tour-de-force Powerpoint presentation on key themes of The Great Turning.   It is a co-presented by David Langille’s Atkinson SS class Canadian Social Problems, along with FES’s Business & Environment Programme. 


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Attention: Check this Web Map for the exact location of the HNES Building (no. 31 on the map), just south of the Ross Bldg. and Library Lane.


for more information:

David Langille :   <langille at>

Brian Milani:   <bmilani at>



…And if you can’t make this special evening at York, check out David’s presentation at OISE-UT the following evening, Oct. 4.